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Comments on Necie Group

“Many thanks go out to Denise Boroff of Necie Insurance Services for responding to my request for a connection to a floor planning finance company. Your quick response and excellent follow-up are very much appreciated!”

Anita Rodal International Associated Foreign Exchange & SBPI Services, Inc.
Feb 8, 2024

“Our employees had health insurance and the out-of-pocket expenses that were extremely high. After Denise came to our company and introduced Aflac, it helped the employees understand what they had and how to use Aflac to enhance their medical coverage. Over half of the staff enrolled. Aflac saved them money on their paychecks and our company received various payroll tax deductions reducing our tax liability. In the healthcare industry, tax savings are much needed.“

Mrs. F. Black, Nursing Home in Gardena, CA
Feb 8, 2024

“I would like to thank Denise Boroff, Owner at Necie Insurance Services Inc/dba Necie Group. What an AMAZING, well-rounded individual! I’m so glad we’ve been closely collaborating lately on few of my commercial real estate deals. Not only my clients are getting money from the loans we process, on top of that, Denise & Associates got them extra funding through cost segregation. I consider myself pretty savvy in the Commercial lending arena but boy! What an agreeable surprise when I sat down with Denise, I learned so much about cost seg. and you’ll do yourself a great favor sitting down with her and learning more about what she does. Thanks again Denise Boroff, OUSTANDING work!!!”

Valerie Dufix, Principal, Diamant Carré Capital Group
Feb 8, 2024